SYDNEY| Darling Harbour by Night

In between packing up our old home in Cape Town and unpacking at our new home in Johannesburg, my husband and I had a little time to spare.  Time between jobs meant the perfect opportunity to have a holiday.

Having visited family in Perth not too long before, our valid visas made our choice of destination simple.  Sydney was to be our interim home for a week.

Upon arriving at our hotel, we were informed of a fireworks display at Darling Harbour that very evening.  So after a quick shower and change of clothes, we were on the metro to Queen Victoria Building.  Darling Harbour is but a short walk from the station, and soon we were overlooking Cockle Bay.

Figure 1: View of Cockle Bay and Pyrmont Bridge

The lights, restaurants, ambience – I couldn’t believe how akin Darling Harbour was to Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront.  The nostalgia was perfect for the first night of our getaway.

Figure 2: View of Cockle Bay from Pyrmont Bridge

After a lazy walk down Pyrmont Bridge (and having taken our fair share of photographs), it was time to grab a bite to eat.  Darling Harbour offers a wide variety of restaurants and food vendors to satisfy any craving; a food scene that certainly draws parallels with Sydney’s diverse culture. Finally feeling satisfied after our 12 hour flight, it was time to claim our vantage spot along the water’s edge and enjoy our magical welcome to Sydney.

Figure 3: Firework display over Darling Harbour



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