SYDNEY| Chinese Garden of Friendship

After a bubbly biological experience (of zoology, marine biology and even human anatomy) at Darling Harbour, we headed as fast as my short legs could carry to the Chinese Garden of Friendship for our botany lesson.  Unfortunately, late for a very important tea date, we had just enough time to wander through the timeless gardens.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship was erected in 1988 to commemorate Australia’s bicentenary; and symbolises the friendship between Sydney and China’s sister city, Guangzhou.

It was as though transported back to a time of ancient dynasties.  A surreal contrast to the bustling city life just outside its walls; the gardens are a serene and magical getaway tucked amongst Sydney’s urban streets.

The walkways are designed to show you the entirety of the gardens from a range of heights and vantage points.  You can expect the soft whisper of waterfalls, traditional Chinese architecture, bamboo forests, rock sculptures, colourful koi and exotic plants woven harmoniously together to provide a rich cultural landscape.

Our only disappoint was that we were moments too late for afternoon tea at the Teahouse.  Nevertheless, the gardens were a perfect cool-down to our first day in Sydney and undoubtedly provide a tranquil escape for both tourists and locals.

Figure 1: Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

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