Hi Everyone,

I am sure most of you who read this blog will openly say – “I love travel!”. I am no different. I love it, live for it and learn from it.  Although we have travel at our core, I am quite sure that none us have the same experiences.  Our personal experiences make each of our stories unique, and molds our perspectives in different ways.  That’s what I love about travel – no two people will take back the same memories from the same place.  It’s what I love about art as well – we each interpret a piece of art in our own way.

So here is a little bit about myself…

I was born and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Durban, South Africa which was my home town till I graduated high school.  I then embarked on my first solo adventure to study in Cape Town – the Mother City complete with breath-taking nature, pristine beaches, world-class winelands, thriving businesses, and a flamboyant night life.  After ten glorious years, my husband and I moved across country yet again, to the bustling city of Johannesburg.  A mere nine months later, we were jetting off to start a new life in Sydney, Australia where we currently reside.

My mum was responsible for awakening my wanderlust and my craving for new adventures, by sharing her passion for travel and life with me.  Art is my other passion, and you are likely to find some of my amateur doodles and drawings hidden among the blog posts.  Picturesh Travel is my way of sharing my perspectives and passions with you and hopefully will inspire others to explore what they love as well.