Victoria Falls| Helicopter Ride

My Mum loves telling the story of her flight above the Falls when she first visited Rhodesia many decades ago.  As a young woman, she embarked a small four-seater plane to get an aerial view of the magnificent Falls.    The rickety plane hovered high above the bottomless gorge, as she stared in awe at the might of the water crashing furiously down. At that moment, the pilot said, “I have a hangover.”


My experience…was less dramatic.  But I was still stoked to hop on to my first helicopter ride.  Unbelievable views of the Victoria Falls from all angles – surrounded by nature at its finest.  It’s difficult to keep your jaw from dropping as you take in the mesmerising scene unfolding below.




Victoria Falls| Walking Tour

Majestic – there really is no other word to describe the Victoria Falls.

Our trip started with a drive from Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Zambia, through the town of Livingstone to the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Passports stamped and hotel check-in complete, we had just 5 minutes to be ready for our walking tour of the falls.

The park is pristine and flourishing with clear pathways and signage to guide you along the immense breadth of the falls.  Raincoats are a must during the wet seasons! You can definitely expect to be showered by the crashing waters as you make your way from one end to the other.  You may even encounter some of the wildlife along the path.  We had a family of warthogs grace our presence – of course, always remember to respect the animals and they will respect you.


The path ends poetically with a view of the Victoria Falls Bridge which links Zambia to Zimbabwe.  Very few places exist where nature brings harmony between two countries – making Victoria Falls a place like no other.  Beholding the falls and its surroundings is simply witnessing nature at its prime.